This is a guideline to teach you what the chinese players are saying. In chinese words, each word has its own meaning and a group of different words can represent the same meaning. However, in Hong Kong, the language that the players use is Cantonese, which is a language base on the sound of words.

Basic communicationEdit

During the war, you may see these words, 收水召死0 0/50, 收水出騎0/30 something like that.

收水actually is a short form of 收集水晶, directly translate form 收水 is "collect(收) water(水)", this doesn't make sense. However, if translate from the orginal form, we now know what the players are talking about - collect(收) crystal(水晶).

How about the words following "收水"? They are the verb and the noun. "召" and "出" in Hong Kong are of the same meaning, summon. e.g.收水出騎 - collect crystal for summoning the knight

擴 - Extension, which means to expand the area by establishing obelisk or Arrow Tower or other buildings.

Meaning of some termsEdit

騎 /騎士 /馬 / 馬仔 / 跑馬 = knight

死0 / 死靈 = Wraith

奇美拉 / QML = chimera

巨 / 巨人 = Giant

龍 = Dragon

敵 = enemy

方尖塔 / ob = obelisk

塔 / AT / 箭塔 = Arrow Tower

侵 / 侵蝕之塔 = Eclipse

據點 = Castle

跳台 = Scaffold

死門 = Gate of Hades

巨營 = War Workshop

水銀 = Crystal Bank (which means a player who stores the crystals form others and gives the crystals to the needs)

大量敵人 = many enemies

爆 / 打 = knock down some buildings / fight

守 = defence / defend

護 / 支援 = protect

宣 = Declare

要求支援 = need back up

退 = fall back

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