Judgement Ray


Level 3 Lightning Spear and Thunderbolt must be learned;Casting must be active



PW Cost


Usable Class



Lightning Branch

AoE type

Long range ground target AoE


Hits up to 3 times

Additional Notes

Ignores Elevation

Judgement Ray is a lightning based skill reserved for sorcerers. It can be learned after Thunderbolt and Lightning Spear have both reached level three. Judgement Ray has a large targeting circle and strikes the area three times with a bluish lightning once casted. This spell is ideal for attacking large groups or tricky run-aways who keep evading one's attacks. While this is very useful, it must be noted that the spell costs a hefty eighty MP and, as such, cannot be used as often a one might like; without the aid of a potion, that is.

Judgement Ray initially costs three Skill Points and then costs two more for each level-up. The spell, like all others, can reach a maximum of three levels and it will increase with power each level.